The Values Of Sportsmanship

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The term sportsmanship means a number of qualities that one should possess while playing in the field or any other type of competitive games. (Steven Dowshen). It is defined as fair play, showing respect and playing by the rules. The spirit of the sport should be kept alive in either victory or defeat. Not lashing out when the opponent team wins nor gloat upon your winning. Sort should be about build up a child’s personality.
The judgment of the referee is considered final by a good sportsman. A good sportsman accepts whatever the outcome is because he know true spirit lies in playing with honor and giving your best. Consider the judgment of referee as final and treat the opponent with respect.
Sometimes being blinded by the competition, winning becomes the only possible outcome. This race to score a victory let people commit various mistakes. They bend the rules in order to favor their team. This results into extreme physical fights between the opposing teams. Players start to think the other team as ‘rivals’. They pay less attention to rules, safety or sometimes even their dignity. (Kirk O. Hanson)
Sportsmanship helps in cultivating personal honor, virtue and personality. It helps to grow as a respectable individual in the society. It prepares you how to deal with others in a competitive environment. Sportsmanship teaches us the value of the thing that are much important than winning, for example, teaches team play, respect for your colleagues and
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