The Values Of Traditional Agriculture And The Environment Of Agriculture

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On agriculture, in order to cultivate high quality and fruitful plants, we are going to provide the necessary environment of heat, air conditioning, watering and fertilizing. Light will be provided to the plants with LED. C.6.a. Traditional Agriculture Soil’s fertility is particularly important for the agriculture as the soil’s fertility makes the crops higher quality. In order for it to be fertile, it needs not be left empty. If the soil is not used that year, it must be protected with mattress vegetation. If the soil is not cultivated or if it is ploughed, the organic compounds in it rot. At the same time, worms, insects, mushrooms cannot be seen with bare eyes and microorganism need to exist abundantly in the soil. In order to maintain nitrogen circle, legumes will be sown opulently. Because, legumes are nitrogen binding and they provide the necessary nitrogen to the soil. If nitrogen is insufficient, the plant cannot grow and it blanches. We will pay attention to the use of vegetables and fruits that are easy to grow as basis of our meals. In traditional agriculture system with soil, we will use several overlays to save space. As we mentioned in ‘The Dead’ chapter, we will use the bones of the dead to improve the fertility in agriculture. C.6.a.1. Intensive Cultivation It is the agricultural practice by using modern methods. Its dependency on natural conditions is low. Scientific methods are used for watering, fertilizing, disinfestation and using high quality

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