Cultivation In Agriculture

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On agriculture, in order to cultivate high quality and fruitful plants, we are going to provide the necessary environment of heat, air conditioning, watering and fertilizing. Light will be provided to the plants with LED.
C.6.a. Traditional Agriculture
Soil’s fertility is particularly important for the agriculture as the soil’s fertility makes the crops higher quality. In order for it to be fertile, it needs not be left empty. If the soil is not used that year, it must be protected with mattress vegetation. If the soil is not cultivated or if it is ploughed, the organic compounds in it rot. At the same time, worms, insects, mushrooms cannot be seen with bare eyes and microorganism need to exist abundantly in the soil.
In order to maintain
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- Mostly legumes will be used for green manuring.
- With this process, the soil will be richened in organic nutritional compounds.

C.6.b. Soilless Agriculture
In soilless agriculture, water and space is saved; so we will do the most of the cultivation with this method.
We will use solid ground and Aerophonic cultivation, which are sorts of soilless agriculture.
C.6.b.1. Aeroponic Cultivation:
This is a type of cultivation that requires the nutritional dilutions to be given on regular or irregular basis in the form of a mist. In this way, we keep the roots of the plants humid, as well as providing the water and nutrition the plant needs electronically.
C.6.b.2. Advantages of Soilless Agriculture:
- We save water because of the possibility of using low quality water.
- Aeroponic system is cheaper, more practical and easily mechanized than other soilless agricultural systems.
- It saves fertilizer along with the water.
- As the nutritions are provided as fuzed inside the water, there is no need for extra organic or chemical manuring.
- Vapouring and leakage loses are diminished so that it saves water.
- Because of both the less need for work force and less production expenditure, it is
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- It contains no cancerous materials and it is cleaner.
C.6.c. Medical Cultivation
We will also use the crops for health purposes. The crops produced in natural methods effect our health in much better ways. So, we will use the plants we cultivated on alternative medicine.
Pheasant 's Eye: It is good for cardiac insufficiency.
Ragweed: Used as wound ointment. Good against worms inside body. Has a softening

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