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Jackie Ivie is an American writer from Salt Lake City in Utah. The second child among five siblings, she was always the life of the party entertaining her sisters and brother with invented stories escapades and games. She is mostly known for the Vampire Assassin League, and Knights series of novels. She mainly writes in either the paranormal or contemporary romance genres.

From a young age, Jackie Ivie treasured books and would consume literature on almost any subject. She would even walk their family dog with one hand holding a leash while the other was thumbing a book. However, all was to change when she discovered historical romances. One read and she was hooked, she just could not get enough of the genre. Always the busy type, Jackie
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The Vampire Assassin series of novels is about an association of killers assembled over the centuries with the stated aim of killing of profit. Gorgeous and deadly at the same time, the vampires true desire is to find their soul mate without whom they will remain eternal virgins chase and alone. As expected, when a vampire does meet their mate, the romance is hot and sizzling. He historical romances sweep from the wild Scottish highlands to to 19th century London. Jackie skillfully weaves narratives of charming and handsome lairds, knights, and beautiful ladies trapped in loveless marriages. Ivie weaves seductive tales of men full of daring, ruthless and hardened by dangers who ultimately fall into the trap of desire. Faced with headstrong, beautiful, and passionate women, they cannot but lose their hardness and give in to their desires. Struggling to resist what their societies have taught them to abhor, our protagonists throw all caution to the wind in pursuit of a chance of happiness and love.

A Knight Well spent is one of Jackie Ivie’s most popular books. Set in 12th century Scotland, it is the narrative of a knight who finds himself with a very difficult job of subduing the Scottish Highland clans determined not to be ruled by the Normans. His job gets even more complicated when a highland woman takes his heart
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