The Vampire Diaries Sociology

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Rebecca Williams talks about The Vampire Diaries, and how it was a series of novel and later turns into a teen horror television series. The debate on the similar genre of vampires movies explains how The Vampire Diaries has dominated and is most representative on contemporary vampire and supernatural. The author also shortly describes the role of the vampire and how it plays and associates to the current and evolving society. This is related to my claim in which the article can provide supportive evidence on the description of vampires and use it to explain further on how they are similar to human. The discussion of saying The Vampire Diaries is a horror television series can help to explain my research topic theme, violence. The article also supports my claim on how vampires are defined vaguely and their transition to human make them harder to identify. Chase and Teasley reveal the hidden meaning and the history of The Little Red Riding Hood to show that the choice of path leads to different decisions. Authors compare the little red riding hood to the prostitute that was used to describe women who didn 't follow the norm in the 16th century. Also, authors suggest that wolf is the werewolf and point out sexual contents from the original text. This will support my claim because it shows how wolf as being a…show more content…
Genders and behaviors show the sexual need of the little riding hood 's mom and grandma. The title of the original text contains symbolism that alludes sexual relationships. This supports my claim because it explains how wolf acts and represents a man who can have sexual relationships with the grandma. It also supports how the word, eat means sex and also reveals a sense of violence. The article presents how role-playing exists in wolf and little riding hood 's father which also appears in the little riding hood and her
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