The Vampire Diaries: The Struggle

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L.J. Smith’s book, The Vampire Diaries: The Struggle, is the second in an ongoing series of books of thrills and vampire romance. It is set in the fictional town of Fells Church, Virginia, the hometown of Elena Gilbert. Elena is the protagonist of the story and her world is turned upside down when she meets the mysterious newcomer, Stefan Salvatore. Once Elena finds out that Stefan is a vampire and is being tormented by his older vampire brother, she works tirelessly to protect Stefan. In this book, Elena and her best friends, Bonnie, Meredith, and Matt, work together to save Stefan and figure out who has been terrorizing Elena. They also work together to figure out who is responsible for the recent killings that have taken place in their small town.…show more content…
Damon becomes obsessed with stealing Elena from his brother. He does this as a vindictive way to get revenge on Stefan for stealing Katherine from Damon over a century ago. Throughout the book, Damon develops feelings for Elena and falls in love with her. The danger that surrounds Elena is further complicated when Caroline, Elena’s school rival, steals Elena’s diary in the attempt to blackmail and humiliate Elena. Caroline recruits the help of Tyler Smallwood to further humiliate Elena with her own diary. Once Tyler finds out that Stefan is a vampire, he wants to expose him to the entire town. On founder’s day, Caroline plans to read Elena’s diary in front of the whole town, but her plan comes to an end when Damon steals the diary from her. Damon does this for Elena because he is in love with
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