The Various Theories Of Job Satisfaction

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According to Robbins (1998)”Job Satisfaction is a general attitude towards one’s job, usually explained by the difference between the amount of reward workers receive and the amount they believe they should receive” Job satisfaction is the collection of feelings and beliefs people have about their jobs. There are numerous theories of Job Satisfaction.1) Content theories-Abraham Maslow hierarchy needs and Herzberg’s two factor theory. Content theory suggests that Job Satisfaction occurs when one’s needs for growth and self actualization are met by the individual job.2) Process theories-Adams(1963 )and Vroom’s Equity theory,1982) these theories attempt to explain Job satisfaction by looking at expectancies and values. 3) Situation theories the…show more content…
Herzberg(1959) found that extrinsic factors like salary and other benefits exerted greaer influence on job satisfaction especially for young workers. Lavin (1996) identified career development and growth are important factors of job satisfaction. Labbs (1998)added another dimension to jab satisfaction by stating that managers need to show employees they are needed , valued and appreciated .Loscocco (1993) found significant variation in job satisfaction across age, with older employees tending to report higher job satisfaction than younger…show more content…
It indicates that job satisfaction Level of different age groups school teachers did not differ significantly from one another, thus the null hypothesis that there is no significant difference in the job satisfaction level of young , adult and old school teachers is accepted. 1.3 Comparison of the Job Satisfaction level of private and Government school teachers The data related to Job Satisfaction level of school teachers of private and Government schools were collected by administrating the job satisfaction level scale to 240 different school teachers. Out of 240 , 150 were from private schools and 90 were from Government school. The data were analyzed with the help of ANOVA . The results are as follows Table 1.3 Summary of ANOVA for Job Satisfaction level of private and Government of school teachers Source of Variance Sum of Squares df Mean Squares F Sig. Between Groups 1.470 1 1.470 .003 .959 Within Groups 42343.28 238 542.863 Total 42344.75

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