The Veldt Analysis Essay

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Literary analysis paragraph rough draft The story the veldt by Ray Bradbury uses imagery to create a very futuristic setting that plays like a film in your mind. Descriptive words help to create the setting and characters with extreme detail and depth. -The hot straw smell of lion grass, the cool green smell of the hidden water hole, the great rusty smell of animals, the smell of dust like red paprika in the hot air- This is one of the greater pieces of imagery in the Veldt. Ray Bradbury's use of descriptive writing in this quotation is astounding. Bradbury uses sight, smell, color, temperature and common items to create a very convincing african veldtland inside of the nursery by using words such as hot, cool, green, red, and rusty to make it so that you yourself…show more content…
The fear projected from the story makes you feel uneasy for what would be coming next and it makes you imagine from George and Lydia's eyes what's going on around them. How the lions are so captivating and life like but to them, scary and to real all at the same time. Ray Bradbury's use of imagery throughout the short story -the veldt- is fantastic and works extremely well in the story. The imagery is intriguing and fun and helps the reader to add another dimension into the reading of the story. The veldt overall is a very descriptive piece with clear attention to detail and this all helps to create the imagery many readers focus on in a
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