The Veldt: Analysis: Man Vs. Technology

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Language “The Veldt” Notes Preposition: Characters in the story George Hadley is the father. He is stricter than Lydia. He admires the HappyLife Home, however, he notices that the house overpowers the jobs of the parents. Lydia Hadley is the mother. She is less disciplinary than George. She begins to feel unneeded as the house is the mother, the father, and the nursemaid. Lydia wishes to shut down the house and she encourages George to do so. She fears the nursery’s realism. Peter Hadley is the son of George and Lydia. He speaks to his father and mother in a very casual way and is not afraid of them. Peter threatens his father later in the short story. He also loves the nursery as he says later in the story that he cannot live without…show more content…
What does it represent? The conflict is revealed on the first page. The nursery builds on the conflict with the parents and the children. Peter and Wendy soon begin hating their parents as they depended on the house for many of the parent’s jobs. The conflict represents that the house is controlling the children and the parents. However, George and Lydia can understand the problems within the house. Therefore, the conflict is based on the literature themes, Man vs Man and Man vs Technology. Rising Action & What is revealed about the characters? In the rising action, George and Lydia decide to shut down the house as well as the nursery for at least a month. When the children return from the carnival, they were questioned about the veldt. Peter asked Wendy to check the nursery and when she returned, she had changed it to a beautiful forest. George and Lydia decide to shut down the house, whereas Peter and Wendy lie to their parents about Africa in the nursery. The children lie to their parents when their technology might be taken away. The parents, however, are desperate to shut down the house as they know that a lot of damage has been done in their…show more content…
The parents in panic, screamed, causing them to understand why those screams coming from the nursery sounded so familiar. It was their screams. Soon after they were locked, they were killed. Denouement/Resolution & What is revealed about the plot and the characters? David McClean, the psychologist reaches their house to pick the family up. The children lie saying the parents are getting dressed. Nevertheless, he understands that the have killed George & Lydia. Wendy, very casually asks David for a cup of tea. The children strongly dislike their parents after they make their decision about turning down the house completely. They then trick them and then decide to lock the parents leaving them to die. The resolution explains that the plot is the children’s addiction to the technology-based housing and the nursery make them hate their parents. This causes them to lie and trick to their parents, which soon leads the parents to shut down the house. Peter and Wendy are extremely offended by this matter. Due to the fact, they trick and deceive their parents into the nursery and killing them. Story Warning Technology has advanced so much that it is able to take one’s mind. Therefore, we should minimize the use of technology and be independent rather than depending on the house in this

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