The Veldt Foreshadowing Analysis

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In “The Veldt”, Ray Bradbury focused deeply on foreshadowing to predict the parents death at the end. In the story there is a room that makes it look like whatever the children think. The technology takes over the kids and the parents try to win them back. The parents battle over the kids they lose to the nursery and their life. He uses Foreshadowing till the bitter end started very early on in the story.

In the beginning Ray Bradbury uses foreshadowing when Mrs. Hadley exclaimed “Did you hear that scream!?” “No.” George responded “About a minute ago?” “Sorry, no.”
The parents are worried about the nursery being dangerous because of this scream. This conversation is the first warning of the upcoming events that are about to unfold. The middle of The Veldt is packed full of foreshadowing.
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And Mrs. Hadley screamed. And suddenly realized why those screams had sounded so familiar” and I think this is when they die and the nursery completely takes over and destroys the entire world along with any evidence that it ever existed. The parents were the only ones that had a chance to stop it before it went on a rampage destroying human life as we know it. But the kids are just alone in the nursery and they say to the psychologist “Oh, They’ll be here directly” after being asked “where are your father and mother” i think that the kids/ lions killed the parents and hid them somewhere in the story.

Overall, the best and most powerful craft move in “The Veldt” by Ray Bradbury is foreshadowing because without it the parents death would have been completely unexpected and a complete surprise to the readers but the rest of the story would have been a lot more bland and boring. In life death doesn’t come completely unexpected there are warning signs and you kind of know when they are going to die. In the end foreshadowing was used to warn us about the parents death and make it like life in a

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