The Veldt Literary Analysis

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“The Veldt”, by Ray Bradbury, is a short story that contains a series of events where the children, Wendy and Peter, are constantly being spoiled with the use of technology. Their parents, George and Lydia, bought a technology filled house, which contains devices that do almost everything for them, including a nursery for the children. The nursery’s walls transform and display different environments, of which reflect one’s thoughts. The children, however, are caught using violent content inside the nursery so their parents threaten to take away all technology, including the nursery. The children become upset, throw temper tantrums, and end up locking their parents in the nursery, left there to die with hungry lions. From George and Lydia’s…show more content…
After Wendy changed the walls of the nursery to cover up the violent African savanna, her parents questioned their punishments. George stated, “’Who was it that said, ‘Children are carpets, they should be stepped on occasionally’? We’ve never lifted a hand. They’re insufferable’” (10). This means that children need discipline sometimes, and the Hadley parents find themselves not being able to follow through with it. Since the children are rarely chastised, they don’t show respect for their parents because they infrequently get in trouble for their actions. In addition, when George started to turn off all of the technology sources throughout the house, Peter and Wendy begged their mother to let them have a couple more minutes in the nursery. She reported back to George and he said, “’All right—alright, if they’ll shut up. One minute mind you and then off forever’” (16). Lydia and George are giving into the children’s temper tantrums, allowing them to spend more time in the nursery. The children use this weakness of parenting by disrespecting their parents to get what they want. The disrespect towards the children’s parents and the ability for the children to continue doing so shows that the children are overpowering their parents as a result of the lack of discipline, and they are being
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