The Veldt Ray Bradbury Personification Analysis

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In¨The Veldt¨ Ray Bradbury uses Personifications to bring his story to life. In ¨The Veldt¨ they rely on machines to do everything from doing dishes to tying shoe laces. They call it a happylife home but is that “happylife home” really a “happy life home” ? They soon have to rely on the machines to do everything for them, they cannot think on their own. When Ray Bradbury uses personifications it gives the story so much meaning and adds depth to the story.
In the beginning of the veldt Ray Bradbury uses personifications to bring his story to life. A personification is is when the author gives a human attribute and assigns it to a nonliving object, such as when he said “The walls began to purr and recede into a crystalline distance it seemed
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“ But now is yellow hot Africa, this bake oven with murder in the heat.” This personification is used to inform the reader of the nurseries dangers. When I read this it grabbed my attention and makes me think about what I just read. It also makes me think of critical questions. An example of critical questions is, why did he use that personification? or, what do I think about that? Is Africa a bake oven with murder in the heat? At the end of the short story The Veldt he uses personifications such as “ None of the humming hidden energy machines waiting to function at the tap of a button.”, by using the human attribute of humming you were able to connect to the story. It catches your attention and makes you open your mind to think about what you just read. Personifications can make the object more meaningful and completely change the meaning with human characteristics. It adds depth to the story and changes the way you see an object. Ray Bradbury uses Personifications really well and it adds depth to the story and helps you think critically to what you just read. Maybe the ¨happylife home¨ is not so happy, maybe it is a lonely sad house. Personifications help you think about what you read critically to find more
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