The Veldt Summary

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Language “The Veldt” Notes
Characters in the story
George Hadley is the father. The husband is stricter than Lydia. Mr Hadley admires the HappyLife Home; Nevertheless, he notices that the house overpowers the jobs of the parents.

Lydia Hadley is the mother. She is less disciplinary than George. Mrs Hadley begins to feel redundant as the house is the mother, the father, and the nursemaid. The mother wishes to shut down the house and she encourages George to do so. She is apprehensive of the nursery’s realism.

Peter Hadley is the child of George and Lydia. Their son speaks to his father and mother in a very casual way and is not afraid of them. He intimidates his father later in the short story. He also loves the nursery as he says later in the story that he cannot live without the nursery.

Wendy Hadley is the daughter of George and Lydia. Peter’s sister fully supports & obeys Peter. Their daughter also loves the nursery.

David McClean – introduced near the Climax
David McClean is the psychologist in “The Veldt”. He recommends shutting down the house as they have spoiled their children.

Antagonist – Peter & Wendy, Protagonist – George & Lydia

The setting and how does it help us understand the plot?
The setting of the story is HappyLife Home & The Nursery/The Veldt. The readers can identify at the beginning that the house can do almost everything for the family. Lydia, however, is threatened by the fact and George soon realizes that as well. Much of
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