How Do Children Misuse Technology

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Some kids and adults need time away from their devices because they are obsessed with them. In a science fiction novel called The Veldt by Ray Bradbury. This story is about two little kids Peter and Wendy using a nursery similar to a playroom where it will take anything you imagine and make it real like vr. The children become obsessed with the room because the parents have the room because they don't want to have to deal with their problems and they have also bought a fully machine home The Happy Life Home which does everything for the family the children are mad that the parents threat to take the room away because the children's minds have brought violent thoughts into their minds and are shown in the room and ends with the parents being eaten by lions that the children imagined because the children didn't want the nursery taken away. This story demonstrates the strong misuse of tech not only by children but by adults because we rely on our phones and computer or video games to entertain us and keep us content and it shows how we are obsessed with tech and dont always need to have it to be happy. The…show more content…
If we don't know an answer then we Google it and if we don't know what someone is doing we FaceTime them or text them or we use Snapchat,Instagram, or Facebook. We misuse this all of the time relying on our devices to help us and entertain us. People have hundreds thousand or in some cases millions of “friends” on all types of social media and instead of going to the mall or something with 5 of your real friends you decide to stay home and update your Facebook for you 500 fake friends. Being obsessed with your devices is bad because that could mean you lose real friends and when you are out with friends and have your face 2 inches from your phone you're not gonna have fun with your friends and then you won't have any accept those 500 followers that won't even look at your next

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