The Velveteen Rabbit Analysis

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In The Velveteen Rabbit written by Margery Williams, the Rabbit goes through stages where he realizes that beauty comes from within help of his owner . Therefore, many people often forget the importance of inner beauty and the Boy in the story seems to help the Rabbit understand its’ significance. The Rabbit has a hard time sacrificing his appearance for unconditional love as he learns the consequences that comes along with becoming “Real”. The Rabbit becomes insecure as he is surrounded by other nice toys. This insecurity quickly fades away due to the Boy making him feel real. In the Rabbit’s final stage he begins to feel unwanted but learns the value of self love in which allows him to have a sense of realism. This story describes the differences…show more content…
As the Rabbit was all alone , he began to cry and the teardrop created a flower and out of the flower came a fairy. This part of the story can be seen as very confusing because of its surprise ending. The nursery magic fairy takes care of all the playthings the children have loved and turns them into real animals (Williams). It can be interpreted that the the Fairy is an allegory for new beginnings as she takes the Rabbit away and brings him into the forest that is described as “beautiful and the fronds of the bracken shone like frosted silver” (Williams). This attractive , fantasy fairy can be viewed as nurturing and motherly. She is providing love to the Rabbit and allowing the Rabbit to learn what true love is. The Rabbit became a real rabbit and joined the other rabbits in the woods. The Rabbit does visit the Boy one last time, in which the Boy did not recognize as his toy, but noticed the similarities between his toy and the real animal . The Velveteen Rabbit was not only intended for children but also for mature audiences. This story had many emotions and relatable characters that all ages can relate to. The Rabbit goes through stages of his appearance to finally realize what “Real” means, and it took the help of the Boy and the Fairy who impacted the Rabbit’s life. The Boy provided temporary love to the Rabbit and allowed for the Rabbit to gain real life characteristics . The Rabbit was a beautiful toy that was always overlooked but later realizes that with the help of the characters, it takes self-love to actually become
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