The Vespasian Dynasty: An Abridged History Of Rome

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The Flavian Dynasty
The Flavian Dynasty is the reign of Vespasian from 69 -79 A.D., his son Titus from 79-81 A.D., and his son Domitian from 81-96 A.D. The Flavian Dynasty came directly after the Julio-Claudians Dynasty. (Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History) The Flavian Dynasty was very significant in the shaping of the Roman civilization. The Dynasty that came before them, the Julio-Claudians Dynasty, left Rome a complete mess for the next people in charge to clean up. That is basically what Vespasian, the first emperor in the Flavian Dynasty, did, he cleaned up that big mess. He did everything they could to create a better Rome than what the last few people in power did.
This Dynasty was modest, simplistic, and was faithful to the old ways.
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(An Abridged History of Rome) He too followed in the footsteps of his father as his brother did. He financed an extensive program of public works through a careful financial policy and by investigating financial mismanagements in the provinces. (An Abridged History of Rome) He led several campaigns in Germany and Hungary. He started construction of a defensive system in Britain. He was also involved in containing the raids of the Dacians, who threatened the Roman providence of Mesia. He signed a peace treaty in 89 A.D. with Decebalus the Dacian king. (Heilbrunn Timeline Art History) He began pursuing a constant policy in which only he and those that he chose to be in his inner circle had power. He wanted be called and spoken of as lord and god. He began promoting the cult of Jupiter and Minerva, trying to place them above all the other deities of the traditional Roman mythology. (An Abridged History of Rome) People began to like him less and less and started plotting to kill him, including his wife, Domitia. (Nagle, D. Brendan) One of his magicians pretended to have a broken arm and walked around with a bandage on it for days. (An Abridged History of Rome) Then one day he asked if he could speak with Domitian in private to inform him about a plot against him and when they were alone he pulled out a dagger from his bandages and stabbed him. Domitian tried calling for help but his…show more content…
Titus may not have been emperor for very long but in what little time he had he proved himself in many ways. Vespasian was a great emperor, he fixed and accomplished so much with Rome. Domitian was a very good emperor as well, although he did let his paranoia get the best of him and it was his demise. These emperors all helped Rome to become something better than what it was before. This is how the Flavian Dynasty was significant in shaping

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