The Victorian Period Of Queen Victoria

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Starting with, the Victorian Period about the British history of the period of Queen Victoria. The Queen Victoria reign from (20/June/1837, later on, 22 January 1901) Queen death. In fact, it was a long period of peace, prosperity, refined sensibilities and national self-confidence for Britain. Queen Victoria, with more than 63 years on the throne, had the second longest reign in the history of British monarchs. After her death there were no great wars. Also, something that happen in the Victorian period, was orphan like Charles Dickens; kid in the streets and taking care them self. Furthermore, children get abuse physical, emotional and verbal them some orphan become thief or dangers. Other think that happen was economic, because people from village go to the city looking for work. Townspeople go to cities from low society to middle or high society. Moreover, people from other place do not get work and they can make money, on the other hand, they cannot pay the bail or house, them the people become homeless.

At first, am going to talk about the novel call Oliver Twist. Is a history of a child at birth calling Oliver, Oliver’s mother died after giving birth and there is no record of his father. Then Oliver is destined to live as orphan. Oliver was a baby, they took him to that hospice suffered torture, including, he received verbal and physical abuse, subjected him to eat little food and living in unsanitary conditions, sharing a room with several children in their same
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