The Victorian Period, Riots And Change In The Victorian Era

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The Victorian era was regarded as a period of peace and prosperity. Riots did take place, however, they were minimal and often over economic issues such as taxes. The prominent issues of the time were often met with resistance from Victorian writers. They not only documented the issues that stagnated societal progress, but chose to spark change with their unique approach to literature: gothic themes, curses, and intense emotions. Issues ranged from women’s rights to child labor and had received nominal attention until writers brought them to light. The Victorian period was the first, in a long series of steps to social diversity. It was during a time where literary criticism was becoming more prominent, and social class was an ever growing issue. Spawning a spiritualist movement during the reign of Queen Victoria, the era which ran from 1837 to 1901 sought to alter ordinary methods to improve society as a whole by solving unjust social conditions. It isn’t a question that Victorian life was always evolving. The industrial revolution was taking place, and jobs were spawning up uncontrollably. This when paired with politics, makes for a climate that sparks disagreement. It all started with the introduction of the steam engine, which requires an immense amount of coal. This shift in demand prompted an influx of jobs, to which came in an equal amount of those willing to work. Since laws were not yet implemented to protect these works, they often set up camps in buildings and
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