The Vietnam War: Persuasive For The Vietnam War

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Vietnam War- persuasive essay
The grief accompanied with war is one that never really ends. The Vietnam War is a vivid example of this claim. The 20th century gave away thirty years of its time to the war which killed millions of people, thousands of soldiers and devastated many homes in one go. While the interests of a country are invested in the war, there are also the people who suffer at the cost of these interests. Not only did the Vietnamese soldiers and people suffer from the atrocities and menace caused by war, there were the American soldiers and their families back home which were never able to escape the immense heartache followed by it.
Wars do end and people are able to rejoice the end of them, but this is only a momentary relief. It would be safer to ask those who have lost sons, fathers, brothers, husbands and friends to the war, of any rejoice that followed the end of it. Millions of lives were risked for the safety of national interests and security. However, the overall process of war is still imprinted upon the lives of many who remember exactly what happened and what they went through during the time of the war.
People suffer from PTSD because of wars. It is a disorder caused by the extreme and acute stress faced by people in a traumatizing situation and the Vietnam War left thousands of soldiers with PTSD on both ends of the war. Soldiers were assigned tasks such as maiming, torturing and killing thousands of Vietnamese who came in their way and

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