If I Had No Formal Education Essay

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My parents who had no formal education due to the Vietnam War and the aftermath had a big effect on their lives and mine, as well. They didn’t meet and get married until 1996 but both of my parents sought for a better life in America. Coincidentally, they moved to the U.S. and the same state, Washington State, in 1992. When they had me, they did everything they can to support me and give me a life they never had. My parents struggled and they still do today, to support themselves while supporting me and giving me a life they deem necessary for my success in the future. It is very difficult to find a job and be happy without a high school diploma and a college degree in a society like ours today in America. My dad doesn’t like his current job but it’s better than nothing and is enough to support our family, fortunately. My mom has been unemployed throughout my life. She actually had to quit her job when I was born so she could take care of me. All they cared about was me. They taught me the importance of education and still remind me every single day that I will end up like them if I don’t take my education seriously. They are right. Education is the foundation of any success.…show more content…
I talk to them all the time about my future and plans for college; they said to take advantage of opportunities that will help me and they will fully support me along my journey as long as I’m happy and will become successful. This opened many opportunities and doors for me to explore without the worries of my parents being disappointed in me choosing a career less than a doctor or lawyer. They explained that limiting someone from using their strengths and attributes is detrimental to anyone’s
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