The Vietnam War: The Rise Of Communism In Vietnam

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The Vietnam War was a conflict that was extremely controversial. President Johnson’s decision to start the war as well as his refusal to admit defeat caused a huge amount of outrage in America. America failed in its overall goal of Containing Communism because the Vietnam War delivered a huge loss for America in terms of lives, money, and morale, and the war did not prevent Vietnam from falling to the Communist North Vietnamese. The Vietnam War was extremely taxing to America in many ways. Most importantly, American combat in Vietnam resulted in the death of 56,000 and left 300,000 wounded. This massive loss of lives was devastating to the United States, especially because the Vietnam War resulted in a loss and did little to inhibit the spread of Communism in Vietnam. Other losses included the $118 billion that was poured into the war effort. This money was spent as a waste, much like American lives were killed wastefully. The third way that the Vietnam War impacted America negatively was the negative impact that it had on the morale of the country.…show more content…
It must also be taken into consideration that Vietnam is a small and quite insignificant country. Even if America did not intervene in Vietnam and simple allowed it to fall to Communism, it would be no threat to the United States. If the United States had been successful and won the Vietnam War, it would make little difference as to the scope and influence of Communism on the rest of the globe. The Vietnam War was a conflict that should never have been fought, as the presence of Communism in Vietnam would have little impact on other countries or the United State’s ability to contain Communism. The failure of the Vietnam war can be measured by the loss of American lives, waste of money, diminishment of morale, as well as the swift fall of South Vietnam after America
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