The View From Saturday Summary

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The View from Saturday By F.L. Konigsburg In the book, The View from Saturday, the characters were faced with choices that would affect their friendship and reality. I think that the choice between answers is the key to everything. To my opinion, the answer to the reason why everything is here at this time and place, are choices. Choices were made throughout the this book. Ethan, Nadia, Noah, and Julian became victorious winners of the quiz bowl. How did this happen? How was this possible? The answer is that they all made the right choice. Ethan, Nadia, Noah, and Julian made a choice to study, work hard, and aim for the top. Not only did that help them achieve first place, the other sixth graders made a choice to encourage the four kids by giving them thumbs up. This all leads up to Mrs.Olinski, who made the choice of picking the students. If Mrs.Olinski had picked Hamillton Knapp instead, the quiz bowl team would have lost. Hamilton lacked the skill of seriousness, respect, and behavior, which are the basic needs for publicity.…show more content…
This was a tough choice for Ethan. If he ignored what was happening, Ethan would have gained nothing. If he helped Jullian, he would probably gain the trust of a person. On the other hand, he would probably also attain an enemy. Everyone is all for their own good right? On this part, the profit would be zero to zero. A benefit and a disadvantage cancels each other out, thus making a neutral. Even though Ethan would earn himself an enemy, he decided to help him. By doing this, Ethen showed Jullian that he was a nice and caring person. This choice led to the friendship and
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