The Views Of Sigmund Freud's Nature-Nurture

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The nature- nurture debate was a debate that was argued a while back. It is an argument till this day in trying to decide which theory in the right theory. The nature- nurture debate is basically a debate about how a human being turns out to be in their life and what determines that. The nature- nurture debate is how both influence a human beings performance. Some argue that people were born to be the way they are on the other hand the other theory is that people turn out the way they are depending on their surrounding and their lifestyle. Nature is when it is genetic and biological influences, Nurture is when it is social, economic and environmental influences. Underneath are five different opinions from 5 different people on the nature nurture debate and which side they agree with. Both theories have a point. I say this because some people are born to be the way they are but at the same time this could be changed by many aspects of a person’s life. Sigmund Freud- Psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud was in the center of the debate he was getting more knowledge about nurture but he was also giving some credibility to nature. Although Freud was at the center of the debate through nurturing he showed us how this theory truly does work with a person and how it makes us who we are. This was after years of research and study in psychoanalysis. Throughout the theory Freud mentions how there are parts of us psyche come together and make up our perception and our unconscious. Freud also
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