Essay On The Vikings Are Deserving Of Their Bad Reputation

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“The Vikings are deserving of their bad reputation”. To what extent is this statement accurate? The statement “The Vikings are deserving of their bad reputation” is a deeply inaccurate statement as the Viking’s alleged reputation was thrust upon them by their enemies, Christian, who found the need to slander them to suppress the threat posed by these heathen Northmen to the influence of Christendom. The Vikings, in their golden age of the 9th-11th centuries, had a malicious reputation of being primitive, bloodthirsty, pirates of the dark ages who wreaked havoc wherever their ships took them. Contrarily, this reputation is entirely underserved as the Vikings were a technologically advanced race, whose raids stemming from necessity rather than bloodlust, were portrayed malevolently by their enemies to protect their power. The Vikings were highly advanced in technology in terms of intricate productions and metalwork who were capable of intriguing craftsmanship; uncharacteristic of the primitive people they were painted to be. The golden necklace as depicted in Source A contains a complex pattern of interlinked lattices, requires a profound understanding of metallurgy as well as heating to create. Gold is a difficult…show more content…
The Vikings were a peaceful fisher people, who was technologically capable of intricate craftsmanship requiring a profound knowledge of machinery and metallurgy. However, due to lack of geographical advantages, these amicable piscators were driven into savage acts of infanticide and desperate raids to survive, rather than being the primitive, bloodthirsty pirates of the dark ages their enemies painted them to be through their undeserved

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