The Vikings Research Paper

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The Vikings

The vikings were germanic tribes that came from Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. They were warriors, raiders, traders, and explorers, famous for their successful attacks on Europe, their influence of trade on Europe, and their explorations. They were at the greatest during the Viking Age, a little bit before 800 A.D. and a little after 1,000 A.D. The vikings have left a major impact on the entire world, especially Europe. They were skilled in many different activities, which, as a result, was one of the main reasons for their success.

Vikings were very famous for their successful raids. Early viking raids, such as the attack on the Lindisfarne monastery, as religious community, of the coast of northeast England marked the beginning of the Viking Age in Europe, around 793 A.D. The vikings designated themselves to only “hit and run raids”, where they would attack, and quickly withdraw. The viking raids really shook Europe. The reason why they were so successful and so devastating to the Europeans was that, even though they would always travel by sea, you would never know where they were
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They had created extensive and useful trade routes covering all of Europe and present-day Russia, Middle East, India, and China. Their influence on trade was great, as they turned many cities in Europe into trade oriented cities, and basically transformed the economy of north Europe into a commercial market economy. The vikings also contributed to the technological world. They created many fast and durable ships, as well as useful weapons such as swords, spears, shields, knives, and more. They were superb farmers, created different techniques for farming in the different areas that they conquered. They were also great at crafting. They would make pottery, leather work, sewing, and weaving, and would do textile dying as well. They also had a model of law and democracy in their society, just like what we have

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