Is Shylock A Victim Or A Villain Analysis

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“The Villain Jew”
Is the character Shylock presented as victim or a villain, to audiences in the Merchant of Venice? Shylock is one of the most complicated characters in the play, as throughout the play the character Shylock can be interpreted for either villain or victim. More arguably, I feel it can be justified that Shylock is more victim than villain
Shylock a victim in the play, many sources can relate Shylock to the hardships of Jewish discrimination or (Anti-Semitism). For example in the beginning of the play, Antonio “Spat upon him”. This is indefinitely showing anger and hatred towards Shylock. The reason for this is the fact that Shylock is a Jew, and back then, during the time play was set (1600) people hated Jews. The reason why there is this discrimination towards Jewish people at the time comes from lots of reasons. One came from when in 63 BC, The Romans conquered Jerusalem, As they allowed for them to practice their religion. Eventually they were forced to pray to the Roman gods, which the Jews refused. And this fully started the hatred for them. And even then, when Christianity came, they still hated them. And after that, roomers and actions forced Jews in this state of complete
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I believe that Shylock is a victim. For example, at the end of the play Shylock said “PLEASE INSERT”. Shylock at the end of the play begged to keep his religion. In the eyes of the audience Shylock now looks like a victim, begging, to keep anything he owns! As at this point, Antonio has taken EVERYTHING Shylock has. The audience at this moment is looking at Shylock as a victim of Christian laws. And makes Antonio looks like a villain. This I think is the main reason why Shylock is presented as a victim. Shylock Through his acts and what he says I think is because of his obsession of getting back to Christians. I think that Shylock took this too far by trying to kill Antonio. But in any case what he is going through, this may explain his

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