The Villains Of The Cyclopes In Homer's Odyssey

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Someone is Circe a pretty woman that can turn people into pigs and other animals and someone else was a Cyclops, if they were to fight who do you think would win? The cyclops will get really angry, also Circe is magical in the book the Odyssey by Homer. Although the book the Odyssey has many villains Circe and the cyclopes are most most important in the book Odyssey by Homer. Although the Odyssey is filled with many villains, some people think that the cyclops and circe are the most important for many reasons.

Some people may think that the cyclops is the greatest villain for many reasons, he is loud, strong and angry. To begin, the cyclopes is loud. According to the text, the cyclopes was stabbed by a huge stick in the eye, and “he woke with a hideous scream and the greeks immediately scattered out of his reach (Homer 27).” This shows that the cyclopes is really loud because he woke with a hideous scream, it is true that the cyclops is loud. Additionally, the cyclopes is strong. In the text, when the cyclopes and his friend had gone he groped this
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To begin circe is brave. According to the text, “ circe swore the oath, then led Odysseus out to the pig sties and told me to fling open the doors(Homer 36).” This shows that circe is brave because she was willing to swear the oath. Furthermore, Circe is magical. The author states, “ As the swine came running out, one by one, she touched the greeks with her wand (Homer 36).” This shows that circe is magical because she can touch someone that was a pig and turn them back to humans in one touch. Additionally, Circe is smart. As the goddess mixed Odysseus's wine with her stipe flying potions, he had the unpleasant sensation of being a juicy fly which she had entice into her web (Homer 35).” This shows that Circe is smart because she mixed the potions in the wine without Odessues
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