The Vincent Boys Theme Analysis

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Love triangles are common theme in many books, one very well-known one is in the Twilight Saga. The Vincent Boys by Abbi tells the tale about Ash, Beau and Sawyer who all grew up together; Beau and Ash being the crazy ones and Sawyer was the one who also ‘bailed’ (not from jail just sticky situations) them out of trouble. Sawyer knew that Ash liked Beau and vice versa, but he was a ‘selfish bastard’ and asked her out so he could have her for himself. This split up them and Beau derailed completely becoming the town’s bad boy. While Sawyer is away, Beau and Ash begin a relationship in secret. What happens when this secret comes out, along with one about Beau’s parents? The characters that the author has written about are the three of them that grew up together beau is a bad boy who always gets in trouble, as his cousin sawyer who is always the good one who as both of them find out later they are not just cousins they are brothers, the secret gets let out finally but they tell…show more content…
The book goes is all about 3 teenagers that grew up together and as they get older relationships problems come along, the summer for ash and beau were unforgettable while sawyer ashs boyfriend goes away on holidays with his family, something special happen between ash and beau something that they could not let go of so it was time to say good bye to sawyer and be the real ash she is, no more pretending to be someone she’s not, even though she was upset about he grandma, ash and beau had more important things to focus on, such as their family as they are not just cousins they are
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