The Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales Analysis

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There are numerous assessments that can be done to determine if a person has intellectual disabilities and at what degree they have. There are three components to test to figure out if a person has intellectual disabilities and they are adaptive behavior, intellectual functioning and the support those people need from others. By giving these tests out, a teacher or mentor can figure out different ways to help develop programs that best fit the needs of that specific child and also figure out the specific services needed to help them academically. In order to figure out a child 's present level of performance (PLOP) within their intellectual disability, there have to be assessments to figure out what strengths and deficits that child has in social,…show more content…
Carter, F. Volkmar, S. Sparrow, J. Wang, C. Lord, G. Dawson, E. Fombonnie, K. Loveland, G. Mesibov and E. Schopler (1998) talk about the Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales and state "The Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales evaluate children 's personal and social sufficiency in a semistructured interview with a primary caregiver. This instrument assesses four areas of adaptive behavior: Communication, Daily Living Skills, Socialization, and Motor Skills" (p. 291). These are all skills that are needed to know in order to figure out their strengths and deficits in SPAM. The Vineland Adaptive Behavior scale can help figure out a person 's strengths and/or deficits for the social category by figuring out in the interview part of communication and socialization. That will determine what they need to work on and what they already have exceeded in the social category. The physical portion of SPAM is tested in the Vineland by looking at a person 's motor skills and figuring out which goals may help the person 's deficits in that given…show more content…
The academic portion of SPAM is being tested throughout all four areas of adaptive behaviors because they have to figure out what affects a person enough to cause issues with their academics and then create a plan to help accommodate a person in a school setting. Lastly, the management portion of SPAM is tested through all four adaptive behaviors to find what modification and resources that the child needs in order to be successful overall. The Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales-Survey Form is the best assessment for a child with intellectual disabilities in order to find out their present level of performance and find out what their strengths and

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