The Vinny And Joe-Boy Analysis

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What teenage boy wouldn’t want to go to the ravine? In the story “ The Ravine” Vinny and Joe-Boy are 15 year old, Hawaiian boys. They are best friends. They are going to the ravine to precipice jumping and swimming. Two weeks and one day before their visit, a boy died jumping from the precipice.Vinny and Joe-Boy are different in many ways and are similar in a few ways Vinny said he is “weak.” On page 7, he doesn’t stick up to his friends. He didn’t want to go to the ravine, but he just didn’t want to say no to his friends. They would make fun of him. Vinny thought this made him “weak.” He is also a good friend because he doesn’t bully his friends neither does he push them around. Vinny is a soft-hearted person. In my opinion, he is one of those…show more content…
He sticks up to his friends and doesn’t let anyone push him around. Joe-Boy went to the ravine without anyone talking him into it. He is also kind of a good friend. Joe-Boy pushes Vinny around and he bullies him. When he teases Vinny and when he tells Vinny to hurry up that is both teasing and bullying. After reading that Joe-Boy jumped off the 50 ft. precipice now I know Joe-Boy is daring. Joe-Boy jumped without people having to tell him to do it. Even though Vinny and Joe-Boy have many differences they have many similarities. For example, Joe-Boy and Vinny are both boys. On page 3 the author tells the reader that they are both boys. They are also both superstitious. How I know this is that when Joe-Boy jumped off the 50 ft. cliff he put mud on his chest, and when Vinny was going to jump he put mud on his chest, but then wiped it off when he decided that he didn’t have to listen to his friends and let them boss him around. In the beginning of the story, it was told that the boys were both fifteen years
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