The Virgin Suicides Analysis

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FEMALE SEXUALITY THROUGH MALE LENS "How is female sexuality through male lens represented in the book "The Virgin Suicides" by Jeffrey Eugenides?" Defne Seckin "The Virgin Suicides " by Jeffrey Eugenides is a story, which was pieced together by a group of middle-aged men. The narrators addresses themselves as "we", therefore they are group of teenage boys who are semi anonymous and semi introduced, which obsessed over them. These men sort through a pile of evidence to tell the story of the Lisbon sisters who did a suicide pact, 20 years after from their suicides. As teenagers, these men used to fantasize and idolize Lisbon girls. They were like unreachable and exotic creatures that were perfect from every aspect. They yearned for their attraction or affection and often spied on them. In order to tell the Lisbon girls ' story, they interview friends, family, neighbors, teachers and their parents. The Lisbon 's were Mary, Lux, Therese, Cecilia and Bonnie, who lived under their mother 's dictatorship, who controlled every part of their life. Their father is however, unlike any other novels written by men or men perspective, very sympathetic, but very submissive under his wife 's authority. The girls ' mother did not allow them to go on dates, get waxing, wear any make-up, wear tight or revealing clothing, go outside with friends etc. This lack of freedom and their tyrannical mother 's authority, push the Lisbon sisters in a deep depression and isolation. The
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