The Virtue Of Leadership In Homer's Odyssey

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Leadership can be shown in many different ways, but a good leader is skilled can excel in all leadership roles. Leadership skills are a very good traits to have, if one knows how to use them correctly. Because there are many different factors to being a leader, one needs to be compatible to any situation by using any skill necessary. Also, leadership is important in impromptu situations and situations that have been planned out with following to help. The skills one would need to embody to be a good leader is someone who has a set of personal ethics that ensures leadership, takes charge and uses, and doesn’t abuse, their power, but is also liked by their followers. Leadership roles are best performed with a good set of ethics. Aristotelian virtues are the best set of ethics that a leader can have. These virtues or ethics are: courage, temperance, generosity, magnificence, magnanimity, ambitious, patience, truthfulness, carism, friendliness, modesty, and righteous indignation. If a leader is courageous and generous, they would step up to the call of duty, but also respect and give to their following. An example of being courageous can be seen in Odysseus, in The Odyssey, because he is courageous enough to fight the Cyclops and the Trojan army,…show more content…
Aristotle had a list of 12 virtues that he believed would make for a good leader, including courage, generosity, ambition, and patience. Machiavelli was a leader himself, so he had a very good idea of what a leader should act like to stay in power and get things done. And the story of Ozymandias gave the story of how one man lost power from being a poor leader and not possessing the correct traits. Homer wrote an epic poem dedicated to a man who was a leader who had to face many obstacles while staying strong, but still showing and understanding feelings. Leadership is a tough set of skills to master, but when mastered can be an amazing skill to

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