Virtues Pros And Cons

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Virtues are the moral standards that are needed in every society as they solve different types of cultural, political, and social issues. For instance, many societies like the Kurdish have long struggled with one of their biggest issue which’s having a corrupted and an unorganized government running their country. Thus, virtues like transcendence and humanity could be a solution but what mainly will solve it is having justice. Transcendence is the idea of having hope, gratitude, self-appreciation, humor, and spirituality in a society to achieve a better, healthier and a more optimistic culture. This virtues pros are that of having hope, whereby it’s the key to success as having hopes leads to having higher aims and thus temptations which leads to great achievements. transcendence helps us appreciate who we are for instance if taken the Kurdish society as an example we see that many don’t appreciate who they are and where they come from thus they try to copy others which then leads to negative outcomes, like loss of culture and unique traditions so having transcendence exist among all can aid in having more self-appreciation. On the other hand, in running a country aiming for satisfaction among all the virtue of transcendence may not play a big role. For instance, humor and spirituality…show more content…
the three virtues mentioned were transcendence, humanity and most importantly justice to which is aimed at solving a social or cultural issue. For instance, transcendence encouraging achieving better standards and positions, and humanity solving the issue of lack of understanding among people, finally justice solving everything by laws and solving that of unsolved by the other two
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