The Virtues Of Ballpark Normalcy Analysis

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Reflection on the article, “The Virtues of Ballpark Normalcy” by Lisa Blumberg Lisa Blumberg defines ballpark normalcy as “ life that is not quite normal-but is ‘in the ballpark.” My question is what is normal? Every person young or old has strengths and weaknesses; this is true to anyone, whether they have a disability or not. The word ballpark in this context refers to a range. Don’t everyone have different abilities and levels of proficiency? I would argue that everyone that has a disability or not has a ballpark normalcy. I appreciate Lisa Blumberg, sharing her views on her experiences of being a child with a disability. Consequently, she wrote the article solely based on her own experiences and needs as a person with a physical disability. However, Lisa's beliefs may not offer an accurate interpretation of every person that has a disability wants and needs. For instance, when she says, “excessive praise for doing something normal is not a spur to further achievement. Instead, it just makes a person feel like a freak." I would argue that excessive praise is not healthy for anyone. However, I don’t agree that everyone praised or…show more content…
One paragraph she is saying that children with disabilities should be looked at as individuals first and then as a person with a disability. Paragraphs later she is saying, “If there is one thing that all children with or without disabilities-have in common, it is that kids don't always do what parents want.”I do agree that children don’t always do what parents want them to. However, I think children with disabilities and those who don’t have a lot more in common than that. She keeps making a separation between the children, that does not need to be there. As a future educator, I will look at my class as a complete unit and not separate the children that have disabilities. I will concentrate on the needs of all my students and plan
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