The Visitor Poem Analysis

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The poem “The Visitor” by Gibbons Ruark immediately introduces the concept of an outsider “The Visitor” who comes to the household for a specific time to undertake a specific duty. The poet deftly analyses the themes of music and individual reaction to music in the poem. The visitor who is also the piano tuner is significant in repairing the musical atmosphere in the household such that even the cat evokes a musical response. The poet is set in the narrator’s house during the afternoon of the first few days of the month of October, after an afternoon filled with music the setting reaches the night time when everything is still and silent and the narrators cat quietly walks up to the piano and strikes one note which lingers on in the narrators…show more content…
Another aspect observable here is the harmony of nature with music as notes of music or sound only enhance the things around them, while having a big impact as we can imagine the ripples of water following the “single lucid drop of water that stars the speaker's
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