The Volcano Theory: The Extinction Of Dinosaurs

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Dinosaurs are a group of reptiles that became extinct 65 million years ago. Over the course of the 4 million years we have been living, scientists have observed our world. Scientists have taken scientific facts combined with the bodies of many Dinosaurs to help come up with theories about extinction. As scientists found more dinosaurs they wondered how dinosaurs became extinct. Scientists realized that our planet had been inhabited by another mammal before humans. Numerous ideas have been discussed about why dinosaurs disappeared. Three theories explaining extinction are most common among scientists.
One theory about the extinction of dinosaurs is the Volcano Theory. The Volcano Theory involves the idea that erupting volcanoes are the reason that dinosaurs became extinct. Scientists examined the bones of dinosaurs and observed how well the bones were preserved. There was increased
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“Unfortunately, we still have the problem of pesky Frogs,Crocodiles, Turtles, Marine species, and mammals survived.” This theory seems a little far fetched, because think about it. Why would mammal that are 2 times smaller eat a animal that is twice their size? They would not! So in basically the Dinosaurs would try and eat the mammal trying to eat other Dinosaurs. That is why this theory seems a little far fetched.
Now 65 million years later we come with new theories everyday. As scientists come closer to see what the exact reason that Dinosaurs died. But, of the plausible theories on how Dinosaurs went extinct many have tried to decipher the facts of each theory to find which possibly happened. Scientists examined the bones to see how they were preserved to see what was possible. Since scientist can’t agree on what happened to the Dinosaurs scientist argue over the theories. In conclusion Volcanoes, Meteorite, Mammals all might have happened and made the dinosaurs go
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