Essay On The Voyage Of The Frog

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I. INTRODUCTION Nowadays most of the youth are not totally engaged in reading some books. They are likely engaged in social media, gadgets because of modern technology that we embrace. Some says that book is boring because its content is wide and much time is needed. But we are wrong because Mr. Garry Paulsen, the one who wrote the book named “The Voyage of the Frog” can bring us to another dimension. As we criticize and read it, we can encounter styles and techniques he used. For example, is it the word frog in his book is an animal? Or have another meaning? He wrote this book especially for youth because it has something to do in their life and also can change our/their perspective in life. This book tells us how we stand in our own feet especially in facing disaster or tragedy in life. That’s what you call INDEPENDENT. II. SUMMARY The whole story is all about a boy named David Alspeth that is very close to…show more content…
I thought everything was unexpected because when he went out to dump the ashes, I thought he was just going to go out and come back and be fine. But then a storm came and blew him off course, and he was way off track. This is when everything got interesting. I think the scariest part was when the shark was slamming into the side of the Frog because the shark saw the shine of the Frog's hull and thought it was a fish. In the story, David Alspeth is strong character because he never gives up finding his home and he doesn't think that his home is far. He managed his supplies accurately to survive in the middle of the storm in ocean. The beauty of nature is found to him because of his wisdom and knowledge about surviving. The story is full of hope despite the disaster that happened. And also, the book is survival and adventurous in nature. This book can help you to learn something about daily lives in how to stand by your own, how to face problem, learn to not to give up and how to conquer
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