The Importance Of Motivation In Health Care

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The present study introduced a model that links between manpower perspectives (Work Climate Assessment) and management principles (Performance Improvement Determinants) that could be applied in any health, education and other organizations. Additionally, the WCA&PID Model could be applied to all employees in a specific organization, or specific groups (service providers) or subgroups ( physicians or nurses). Consequently, the model is highly flexible to respond to directors, managers, and policymakers at all levels.
The WCA tool was used as self-assessment tool where respondents expressed their attitude towards their work climate from the institutional point of view. It is useful for comparing the climates of different workgroups, tracking
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Skills acquired through deliberate, systematic and sustainable effort to smoothly and adaptively carryout complex activities or work functions. Skills lead to successful jobs and enhance performance which reflected on increased productivity (Slipicevic& Masic, 2006). Research studies s showed that resources are important for improving the overall patient health outcomes and supports the delivery of proper health care services. They are fundamental for the organizations to achieve its goals (Kabene et al., 2006). Motivation is a critical element of success in any health care organization as it increases the productivity of and reflects on the achievement of higher levels of output. Motivated people are crucial to create a sustainable competitive advantage for organizations (Frey and Osterloh, 2000). Regarding action plan, several studies showed that planning is of paramount importance for health organizations. Proper planning leads to effective management, as it serves as guides to all management functions (Lithuanian and Lithuania, 2001). Monitoring and evaluation are crucial for any organization. Proper monitoring affects the healthcare organization improves performance, enhance patient safety and made progress in the output of the service (Xiang et al.,…show more content…
In other words, to initiate changes for improvement in this reference facility, we can start with the involvement of the staff members in decision making. This is motivation and empowerment for staff members to start the right cycle of management with involvement of the health center staff members: Develop an action plan with well-defined objectives and activities, responsibilities, expected outcome, monitoring and evaluation indicators, needed resources and capacity building. Once staff members involved in the management cycle, and decision making they satisfy their needs for motivation and keep the momentum of making changes to enhance performance
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