The Wage Gap Analysis

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Women make 77¢ to every dollar a man makes for the same job per week, that’s the false statement that miss leaded politicians and that many feminist try to state as fact to the masses without telling the whole truth. In my opinion the wage gap is used to make the need of feminism stronger by making people think that there is still a problem with equal pay due to gender. The wage gap is the idea that if a man and a woman were hired for the same position, the women would make 23% less than the man per week. The entirety of the argument has been proven to be a lie time after time again, but many feminists continue to advertise and protest it as fact, but they never seem to teach the full truth behind it. One of the largest problem with the argument…show more content…
The fallacy of faulty statistics is defined as,” A small number of dramatic and vivid events are taken to outweigh a significant amount of statistical evidence”, in other words the entirety of the wage gaps argument shows only the final statistic, that women make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes, and not the legitimate reason for why it prevails. The Bureau of Labor Statistics published a statement stating that a man will make 23 cents more than a woman for every dollar, but what it doesn’t leave out is the major hole most feminist leave open, why it exists. There are 7 major reasons for why women get payed less than men for the same job: job choice, college major choice, working hours, job stress, job location, vacation time, and starting a family. One of many reasons is a person’s job choice, out of the top 10 highest paying majors in college, women are only the majority in one of the 10, being pharmacy science, while out of the top 10 lowest paying college…show more content…
The idea of the wage gap has been used to strengthen the need for feminism by convincing people that there is still sexism in the work place that can be fixed with a protest or a bill, although I will admit that there is sexism is the workforce, as of now it is not something that can be easily fixed with a bill, being that the sexism that is left is all just person to person and what the employers opinion
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