The Wage Gap

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The Wage Gap. There is a very big problem about payment, not just in the United States, but also all around the world.What is the problem with the wage gap? For every dollar a man makes women make about 70 cents to 80 cents, for the exact same job. Why? How much are women being paid compared to men? Is the wage gap just for adults? How long will it take to solve this issue and what’s the difference in the wage gap around the world? What is the difference between men and women doing the same job? Though the woman 's paycheck has improved since the 1970s, when it has been just 59% to what men were being paid. So what is the problem with the wage gap? As of 2014 the wage gap was 79% of what men were being paid. It took approximately 40…show more content…
There is no country in the world without a pay gap, And according to a new report by the World Economic Forum, it’s going to take at least another 81 years for that wage gap to close. The US is ranked 65th in the world for wage equality among 142 countries in the report done in 2014. Italian women have it worse, they don 't even make half of what men do, in Italy women only make 48% of what men make and in Israel the gap is 47%. Burundi is the winner, it’s amazing how some of the poorest of countries lead the equality ranking! Where 4 out of 5 people live below the poverty line, is in the lead for gender equality and the pay gap. Women in this tiny African country that most haven’t even heard of are being 83% of what men are being…show more content…
Especially in a country where we pride ourselves in being united there’s not much unity on this topic. Hopefully it won’t take 81 years for women to have the same pay as men. There’s a big difference in what women are being paid compared to men, it’s not just something that happens to adults and the United States isn’t even the worst , though it’s also not the best. The goal should be for women to unite around the world and say they’ve had enough. Women should be more worried about this than they appear to be, because this affects all women, not just your neighbor or a friend but every person that prides themselves in being a woman. There’s still a long road before women have equality, but when you think about it, we’ve come a long

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