The Walking Dead Cultural Perspective

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The reflection to a world that has been overcome by Zombies has as a variety of life experiences and attitudes of the viewers who watch it. If you are a fan of nonfiction stories and horror, “The Walking Dead”, may be appealing because it can make you think and keep you no your edge of your seat. If you like to watch the action take place or keeping wondering what will happen next you will like this TV series. If you like to jump out of your seat this is the series for you. A lot of people have heard of “The Walking Dead” if you have not then you need to watch it. The Walking Dead has a lot of depth and action that influenced by the six perspectives of visual analysis. Personal Perspective is the gut feeling you have on an image. So, when I am watching “The Walking Dead” I always picture myself as one of the characters. The main character that starts “The Walking Dead,” is a sheriff now as Rick. Rick is put into a coma and is awaken after the zombies had attacked the hospital he was in. His partner barricades the doors so the Zombie would not get him. When Rick got out of the room he started exploring the building. This is what I taught when I first saw this scene. I was thinking…show more content…
In “The Walking Dead” a lot different type of cultures watches this show not just one type does. But they do make their own input of culture in “The Walking Dead”. In the series, there are male and female leading roles. Along with different types of race. From Asia, Black, and White. You witness mostly Christian religious is seen in the series. Like Pastor Gabriel at his church. Carol holding a rosary and praying but at the same times she used her rosary as a weapon. In “The Walking Dead” you see new religion was made. There was a group of people at Terminus eating other people. Then there is Morgan who belief that everyone can change back to good or gain their humanity

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