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Mark Dawidziak, American critic and descriptive author, composed a rather gruesome and enthusiastic review of the television show The Walking Dead in October of 2014. The review, which playfully introduces the television show 's fifth season opener, encompasses a wide of range of criteria that I believe successfully appeals to both The Walking Dead fans and strangers. Moreover, Dawidziak presents the style, the characters, the tone, and a brief summary of the past seasons and what is yet to come. Mark Dawidziak 's intensely expressive appraisal of the television show The Walking Dead effectively details a variety of criteria that openly appeals to multiple audiences and leaves a rightfully suspenseful atmosphere.
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In order to deal with such knowledge, Dawidziak richly displays and details a wide variety of aspects that a fan may not be mindful of. Ultimately, he does this by using aforementioned accounts such as, "...the action-packed fifth-season premiere serves up a bounty of everything you savor about this supernatural series: nerve-jangling suspense, grand gross-outs, intriguing character study, razor-sharp dialogue, heart-thumping action, psychologically riveting moral dilemmas, state-of-the-art monster makeup and scream-inducing special effects." Finally, in order to specifically help those who are not already Walking Dead fans understand and appreciate the review, Dawidziak writes, "For all of the rotting zombies limping through these eerie episodes, this remains a show about human beings constantly struggling to hold on to their humanity. For all of those bone-snapping, flesh-tearing, vein-squishing, skull-smashing special effects, "The Walking Dead" essentially is a drama about what it means to be human . . . under the most desperate of circumstances."
Altogether, Mark Dawidziak successfully composed a review that ultimately took the time to appeal, attract, and fascinate fans of and strangers to the television series The Walking Dead. His descriptive, detailed article displays the gruesome, revolting, yet wholly human aspects of the show. All in all, Dawidziak 's intense review led me, someone who has never before seen The Walking Dead, to begin watching it on the popular media platform
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