The Walking Dead: Rick Grimes The Hero

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Rick Grimes the Hero Someone who I think is a great hero is Rick Grimes, from the television show The Walking Dead. A hero is someone who embodies the characteristics of courage and strength, and they are able to overcome their challenges in order to defend their families, communities, and even the world. In my opinion, I think Rick embodies all these qualities and many more. He will do anything to protect this family, friends, and way of life. I think Rick is a great example of a hero in the contemporary media. The Walking Dead is a tv show that is set in a post-apocalyptic world. Most of humanity has been turned into zombies, as referred to in the show as ‘walkers’. Most of modern civilization has been trashed. Most of the time the show is set in a lush forest with the main characters traveling through it or a safe zone; which is a makeshift sanctuary with high walls and cars used to keep the people inside…show more content…
Soon after, Rick and his people, with the help of other safe zones, rise up against Negan and his followers. After the battle Negan retreats from Alexandria and goes back to his main outpost and informs all his followers that war is coming. At the end of the show, Rick knows that now he and Negan will have to fight once again, but he is happy he was able to help his people be free of Negan’s tyranny. The episode ends with Rick and his friends reflecting on the lives they have lived and the journey that brought them there. Rick knows the journey ahead will be tough, but he no longer doubts himself and he will rise up in order to save his family and friends, which to Rick are one in the same. Rick is one of my favorite heros because he is very understandable and he acts the way any other human would if put in a tough situation. Rick will always be my number one

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