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It’s February, are you really about to read a blog post about Halloween? Call us crazy, but Universal Studios just announced the dates for Halloween Horror Nights (here) and we are already excited! In light of this announcement, we thought we would go over some of the best (and worst) horror attractions from past Halloween’s and maybe even make a couple predictions for this years Horror Nights! Are you one of many that loves to be terrified? Good, then let’s get spooky. Mazes: Of all of the mazes from last years Horror Fest, it seems many thought that, “The Walking Dead” was the best and scariest experience. This might have to do with the fact that it is a permanent exhibit, thus they have more in-depth features and better technology invested into the maze. But reviews are mixed, and each person's experience seems to be different depending on the actors they ran into. It sounds like all of the mazes were a great success and will definitely carry on for many years of Horror Nights!…show more content…
While they are just about everywhere these days, they can be very convincing and terrifying if done well. Last year at Universal you could try “The Repository” for an extra $49.99. Review were that the ride was exhilarating, and very immersive but not extremely scary. VR technology is so new that it is not a surprise that the experience was not quite up to par. One can only imagine that this year's VR experience (if there is one) will be much more advanced, but we are still skeptical especially after reviews about VR not working at Six Flags and many experiencing nausea and headaches. Plus, the hygiene of reusing the VR goggles is concerning, especially in horror experiences when folks are getting nice and

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