The Walkout Or The Blowout Analysis

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What would you do if a teacher gives you detention for being a different culture, would you speak out or do nothing? In the late 1968, schools would ostracize the Mexican-American history or Chicano history. The Chicano students were mostly heading towards tedious labor rather than going to college. The explanation is the teachers created an atmosphere that was hostile for students to learn because they were constantly underestimated by the teachers, counselors, and the school officials. Therefore Chicanos believe that they were not “good” enough to go to college and would do nothing to stop the inequality treatment. However in March 1968 in Los Angeles, a group of students had enough of the injustice actions and decided to take a stand by walking out of their school.…show more content…
The walkout or the “blowout” (as they would call it) is a significant moment because students had resist the racial inequality by going against the authority and even assemble the Hispanic/ Latinos community to be
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