The Walt Disney Company: The History Of Disney

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The History of Disney
The Walt Disney Company is one of the most well-known corporations in the world, a household name due to it’s beautifully created animated movies that have become a staple of countless childhoods. From a small animation company started in a garage to creating a multi-billion dollar industry, Walt Disney produced memorable films and shorts that inspired countless generations. Walt Disney did not start out as the beloved icon he is today. Born in Chicago on December 5, 1905, to Elias and Flora Disney, Walt’s family soon moved to the midwest where he spent his childhood. (Walt Disney) Discovering his love for art, Disney sold his drawings for money and enrolled at Kansas City Art Institute at fourteen. (Walt Disney) After
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(The 9 Eras) But conflicts between Winkler and Disney involving the series over its earnings led to the creation of a mouse named Mickey - based on the titular main character of Oswald - which Disney used to make several short films with. (Walt Disney Company) Mickey became famous with the release of his third short film, Steamboat Willie in 1928 that incorporated music in tune with the animation. (Walt Disney Company) While the not the first to do this, as Max Fleischer was credited with one of shorts with this, it was the one that made it popular. (Walt Disney…show more content…
(The 9 Eras) Films like Aladdin and The Lion King brought in a massive amount of box office revenue while films like Beauty and the Beast brought in praise for the company; it was the first animated feature to receive the best motion picture nomination from the Oscars and spurred the creation of a best-animated film category. (The 9 Eras) At the end of the 1990s, Disney partnered with a small computer software company called Pixar and signed a deal for them to produce three fully CGI animated features for them; the first being the classic Toy Story. (The History) This would eventually lead to the rise of CGI animated features and CGI movie companies ( like Dreamworks, Illumination, and Blue Skies) and the slow death of hand-drawn films in the mainstream

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