The Walt Disney Disuasive Analysis

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11/23 - The Walt Disney Company, Time Warner and News Corporation. Viacom are the companies that control/own all your channels, so, how diverse is the information you’re being given when watching the news or television? 11/24 - FYI.... Thinking or assuming what we know does not equate to truth or fact. It actually equals an opinion or what we think. Let 's break the cycle and begin to live by truth and facts. You know what they say about assumptions. You make an Ass of yourself. Let 's not live our whole life being Assess. Twain 11/24 - Don 't suffer from cognitive dissonance Break the Cycle! 11/26 - Laugh, Cry, and Gather strength with me. Come shack it off. Check This Out: The world 2012 plantation: When a puppy is walked with his leash every day. The puppy isn 't really concerned with being free he just wants to go on the walk. He know he gets to freely do his thing. However once he grows up you will not need a leash and in most cases might not need to walk with him either. Without any effort he follows and is Obedient. He would perform just like he was on the leash. Matter of fact if you take him to an open area to run, before he runs he will check with you first.

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