The Walt Disney Company Case Study

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11/23 - The Walt Disney Company, Time Warner and News Corporation. Viacom are the companies that control/own all your channels, so, how diverse is the information you’re being given when watching the news or television? 11/24 - FYI.... Thinking or assuming what we know does not equate to truth or fact. It actually equals an opinion or what we think. Let 's break the cycle and begin to live by truth and facts. You know what they say about assumptions. You make an Ass of yourself. Let 's not live our whole life being Assess. Twain…show more content…
Tell me whoever made up these words wasn 't brilliant. Look pass the words and look what the true meaning of what the words we use today. Salve= Obedient. synonyms = acquiescent, amenable, at one 's beck and call, attentive, biddable, complaisant, compliant, controllable, deferential, devoted, docile, duteous, dutiful, faithful, governable, honoring, in one 's clutches, in one 's pocket, in one 's power, law-abiding, loyal, obeisant, obliging, observant, on a string, pliant, regardful, resigned, respectful, reverential, sheep like, subservient, tame, tractable, under control, venerating, well-trained, willing, wrapped around finger, yielding Check out the opposite=contrary, disobedient, insolent, misbehaving, mutinous, obstinate, rebellious No... Don’t you go misbehaving and thinking you free... Parents teach Obedience not…show more content…
God has reasons.. Earth is the planet where our soul learn suffering, selfishness, and competition. How to step right on your fellow brother. Like Cain did Abel. After we die we reincarnate in another life on another planet like earth where we live good. Right. ? Isn 't this the answer? Is this the reason why no one do anything? I was sleep during the rules and missed it. So sit back enjoy the foolery. #I Refuse.. Looking for the button. Where is the reset button so I can back to the options and skip this one go straight to loving and peaceful planet where there is team work and prosperity? Only cause my heart matches that vibration now. #Compassion. 12/16 - We shouldn 't get to comfortable. Look at historic events when the citizens become too comfortable. If the Jews had guns you think it would been so easy for Hitler to rip them from their homes? Don 't over react to reactions. We must address the action. The government or cops do not protect us now. Look how many die daily without a gun. 911 takes too long. Minutes are a long time in a self-defense situation. Guns aren 't the problem. It begins with the parents. Until we are ready to become aware I guess we will keep up the same addiction. Our homes need love back in them with attention paid to the kids and kids need to be a complete loving family environment. Killers are raised not born. All these rules and overreacting is why this is not going on now. How about take the money and

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