The War Against Boys Analysis

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Today girls are more privileged than back years ago. Several women still expect that they are treated the same as women were back at that time, which causes several women believe that boys are still the dominate sex. Explained by a woman named, Christina Hoff Sommers, as she wrote “The War Against Boys,” who argues that girls have been increasing ahead of boys, which has resulted in boys languishing academically and socially. However argues that this statement is untrue. Beginning to build her credibility, Sommers states a few of the accomplishments of women and also saying that countless women complain about being the less dominant sex. In her book, Sommers first sets the stage by setting a scenario about boys and girls in an educational…show more content…
To create a sympathetic image, her text is full of emotional words and phrases; Sommers states “That girls are treated as the second sex in school and consequently suffer, that boys are accorded privileges and consequently benefit” (Sommers) and that these are the types of stuff that each one seems to consider or perceive. The image that she evokes generates people to feel vulnerable about the way school system treats girls differently than how they treat boys, as amiably as all of the emotion that this problem is causing. To identify how other people; such as the school systems; understand that girls go on treated, her goal is to cause the readers to notice that they don’t suffer more than boys. To provoke negative emotions throughout her text, she uses words and phrases, which produces the reader feel as they continue judging the way people treat girls. She has also pointed different words to set the emotion of unfairness. By stating other people's claims on how they believe that girls stay viewed upon as the less dominant sex, Sommers is setting the emotion. These words and phrases that she used are appeals to pathos, or the reader's feelings of frustration and anger with
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