The War Situation House Of Many Mansions Analysis

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The fear of World War II was large and wide spread across the globe. The citizens of Great Britain, despite the fear, had a strong, powerful leader throughout it – Prime Minister Winston Churchill. On a live radio broadcast on January 4th, 1940, Winston Churchill gave a speech entitled “The War Situation: House of Many Mansions”. He used ethos, pathos and logos to persuade the people of Great Britain that as long as they continued to fight and to believe in their troops and their country, everything would be okay and they would win the war.
Ethos is credibility, and Winston Churchill is considered a very credible man. He was the prime minister during both world wars. In his speech he says “In the last war we suffered very grievous losses...”
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This chunk of speech is beautifully written and he uses pathos in many ways. With the way he voices the fact that the British army fleet is winning he made them feel better. With strong words, strong heart and the power to make people feel safe with his words and leads to the victory of the second largest war the world has ever seen.
There are so many examples of pathos, logos, and ethos in Churchill’s war situation speech. The most obvious reason is pathos, and he led the United Kingdom to victory. The country wouldn’t have gone through to a victory. The wonderfulness of the win of the war wouldn’t have happened without him and his wonderful
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