The War You Don T See Analysis

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The War You Don’t See is a documentary formally based around the subject of War and how the media controls and manipulates us to believe creative mistruths, partial lies and cover-ups. The Film Was Directed and Produced by John Pilger, an Australian War Correspondent that was active during the wars in Vietnam. The film follows Pilger and his friend Alan Lowery as they take you through wars in Afghanistan, Iran and Israel/Palestine and show you what really goes on behind the scenes, the war you don’t see. Only seconds into the film, our attention is drawn to a very disturbing video clip previously released by Wikileaks, "Light 'em all up," comes the voice on the radio as we see footage from an Apache gunship celebrating the indiscriminate…show more content…
The newspapers, TV and radio kept their mouth shut!! War has been portrayed in movies as heroic and it is almost always represented as something to celebrate. If you’ve experience war you’ll know that this is all a lie. Julian Assange, an Australian computer programmer, publisher and journalist is best known for directing and creating the website Wikileaks, the main purpose of Wikileaks is to expose news and information regarding hidden truths and this has mainly been used as a way of getting embedded journalist to come out and reveal what has been going on behind the scenes. The image of war in the media is harmless and calming it’s seen by the advertising and propaganda as a new opportunity, a way to be a hero, the media is tightly struck and well controlled. A big majority of the media is and has been owned by usually only a few people, Rupert Murdoch being a big player in the industry. I mean when you think about it, who’s the real
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