The Warrior Movie Analysis

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Ty Shoaff
March 28th 2018
Sport Sociology Warrior The Warrior made in 2011 written and directed by Gavin O’Connor is a more complex movie than many would think just watching the film. There were many underlying concepts and issues behind all the training and fighting. The fights had a deeper meaning than just fighting to win, they knew these fights paved a pathway for what would happen in their lives in the near future. Referring to the social process “ the united states has become the most dominant nation in the world because of competition” (Sage & Eitzen 2016). The competition in the country brings people like these brothers to push themselves to their absolute limits to excel. Between alcoholism, attachment issue and the need to succeed as an athlete to support a family. This movie revolving around 2 bothers changing their lives and reconnecting with their father to do what they need to get where they need to be shows very empowering and overcoming moments. Tommy and Brennan Conlan are two estranged brothers that grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. While growing up their father Paddy Conlan suffered from an alcohol problem. The one brother Tommy in the opening scene shows he has an alcohol problem just like the dad had when he was growing up. Immediately in the opening scene Tommy offers his dad a bottle of Jameson but his dad tells him he is approaching 1,000 days sober. Substance abuse a has been a social problem for a while now. Substance abuse

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